Join the World Dog Finder Groomer Program

Want to find new customers? Want to spread the word about your practice? Fill out the application and start getting new customers today!

Why Join?

  • Find local dog owners that need dog groomers
  • Organize your profile
  • Add your services
  • Add certifications and specialties
  • Make FREE ads
  • Make special offers
  • Get listed on the map (COMING SOON)


One Time Fee

49$ /lifetime

All Features Included

Find local owners that need dog groomers

Dog owners across the US visit World Dog Finder. They need veterinary services, grooming services, and everything a dog owner might need. Make yourself more visible and reach potential customers all over your local area.

Organize your profile

As a dog groomer, you’d want to get the word out and look for customers. You can easily post your location, pictures, and your work. Many dog owners are skeptical about leaving their dogs with someone they don’t know, and by visiting your profile, they will get a great sense of your work and the conditions you work in.

Add your services

Some breeds need a special type of grooming, but we don’t need to tell you that. Tell your future customers what services you are providing and at what cost. Show off your professional skills and let them know they have a great groomer close to them.

Add certification

Some groomers learned their craft on the job, and some went to courses and dog grooming schools. Statistics can tell us that most dog owners prefer going to dog groomers with some sort of certification. On your World Dog Finder profile, you can quickly publish your certificate and make yourself stand out from your competition.


This complete dog owner map will help dog owners find grooming businesses. By getting your business listed on this map, you will get noticed by potential customers in your area. Customers can quickly find your practice on the World Dog Finder map and search for instructions to get there.


Groomer program

You can apply to World Dog Finder here. We review applications regularly. Once accepted, you can fully use the World Dog Finder website as a groomer.

No, a grooming certificate is not a necessity. We are very well aware that some of the best dog groomers learned their craft on the job, so we do not require a certificate for you to register.

After joining the World Dog Finder groomer program, you will get instant access to all of our visitors. When someone is looking for grooming services, your profile will come up.

The cost of registration is 49$. The payment is a one-time fee that doesn’t carry hidden charges or additional payment requests. Of course, we can provide additional ads and promotions should you request them.

The World Dog Finder map is handy for dog owners, especially new owners that don’t have a favorite groomer yet. When an owner looks for services close to them, the map will let them know your business is close and easily accessible. Plus, they can get instructions on how to reach it easily. The most significant benefit of this map is that you can get noticed more often, and your customer base will grow.